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Sunday, December 30, 2012

30 December 2012 - Special Prayer Requests - Christmastide

Prayer List Notice – If you have someone on the prayer list and their needs have changed, please let us know.  We’d like to update our prayers to reflect the need and most important to give thanks!

No reported travel this week.  We do note many will be traveling to be with their families over the Christmas holiday.

Ryan Hopkins has moved to Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, to study Dressage Riding through June 2013. Please pray for God’s guidance in his life as he works and studies.

The Thomas Family is on a short tour assignment in Guam through August 2013.  Please pray for the assignment to continue to go well for Kurt and for Mary and the kids to make new friends.  In particular pray that Kristyna and Mitchell will develop good friends and school mates there so as to further their development as both Christians and citizens.  Things seem to be going well where the sun rises on the United States, so keep praying!  Give thanks and ask for continued good developments.

Hap Arnold celebrated his 63rd birthday 27 December 2012.
William Arnold celebrated his 31st birthday 22 December 2012.
Betsy Lane celebrated her 86th birthday 16 December 2012.

Elizabeth and Gunnar were married on 17 November 2012. They ask that you pray for God’s guidance in their lives as they move from being two individuals to a single unit and help them to form their new family.

Phyllis Martha Hillger, 84, passed away on 22 December 2012.  Please give thanks for her life here on earth and pray for her family who remain behind.

Mr. Jairaj, a fine Christian gentleman is now with our Lord.  Please pray for his wife, sons, and daughter. Pray that they will cast their grief for their loss onto the Lord and He shall sustain them.

Suz passed away the week of 18 November 2012.  Please pray for family members who remain behind.

Don passed away on 1 December 2012 after a hard battle with cancer.  Please pray for family members who remain behind and help them to come closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Joy passed away on 1 December 2012 after leaving hospice to return home to spend her final days with her family.  Please pray for family members who remain behind and help them to come closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Homebound or Infirm
Frank has been coping with various ailments from older age. He is in his 90s and it has been a difficult year.  Pray he will find comfort in God, that those who provide care to him will pay attention to him, do their best and give him the love we all desire.  Pray that the coming year will provide relief to him.

Norma, Sara’s mother is in a state of deteriorating health, both physically and mentally, with both onset dementia and Alzheimer’s.  She is slowly drifting away, though she still recognizes Sara.  Please pray for both Sara and her mother to put their cares and worries on God’s shoulders so they can deal with the many problems involved.

In need of a miracle or understanding of God’s Plan
Larry Howes suffered a fairly severe stroke. 4 December 2012, doctors replaced a valve in a shunt that had been put in about two weeks ago, and Larry responded very well.  He was able to go home.  He is now back in Mass General hospital. Please pray for the medical team treating him to pay attention and do their very best; pray also for confidence in our Lord for Larry and his family.  Larry needs a miracle, pray for one.  Please.

Colleen has been battling pancreatic cancer over the last year and it has now spread to one of her lungs.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Christine has cancer of the colon, which spread to her liver; she is receiving chemotherapy and is having difficulty eating.  Please pray for the medical team treating her to pay attention and do their very best; pray also for confidence in our Lord for Christine and her family.

Todd and Kenny have both been fighting osteocarcinoma for over five years and have been told their time here on earth is nearing its end, absent a miracle from God.  Both are ready to go home and leave the pain, but would like to stay.  Please pray for them and their families.

Colonel Bud Day’s cancer has returned.  The outlook is not favorable.  Bud has been an inspiration to all of us for years, this changes nothing.  He is well at peace with our Lord and we all hope he stays with us for a while longer.

Brian has had lung problems for a while.  Recent tests found small cell cancer in the upper lung and bronchial area.  It appears not to have spread.  Brian will begin radiation and chemotherapy on 26 December 2012.  Please pray for peace of mind and trust in God for Brian so he can rest and gain strength; pray for the medical team treating him that they pay close attention and do their very best; pray also that he can quit smoking.

Traci had just discovered she has colon cancer and must have her whole colon removed; the surgery was 27 December 2012.  As you can imagine, she is in need of prayer.  Please pray for her faith in God, for Him to enter her heart and comfort her; for the medical team treating her, that they might pay close attention and do their best; for her family as they worry, that they might not worry but support her.  Pray for a good result.

Thanksgiving and Continued Healing
Ernest had a successful angiography and stent emplacement on Saturday 15 December 2012.  He is now home and resting peacefully.  Please give thanks for the successful surgery, the medical team doing a great job and also pray for his continued recovery.

Lou an elderly woman in the hospital with pneumonia, is improving and will be moving to an Assisted Living Home on 28 December 2012.  Please pray a prayer of thanksgiving and for continued recovery.

Liz Strauch had surgery for a pineal cyst on 4 December 2012.  The surgery was very successful, she was having nausea and pain from the surgery, which has now subsided.  Please pray a prayer of thanksgiving for the successful surgery and the cessation of the nausea and for continued recovery.

Bob Smouse had shoulder surgery on 28 November 2012.  He would appreciate your thanksgiving prayers.  While the surgery apparently went well, he is still in pain and would also appreciate prayers for continued healing and the pain to subside.  He promises to work very hard on recovery therapy.

Tore, of Oslo, Norway recently had a kidney transplant.  Unfortunately his body rejected the kidney, infection had set in.  Without God's healing touch he would soon die.  According to his wife Inga, shortly after the prayer request, he began a prompt recovery and is now home.  Tore and Inga give thanks for God’s Grace and your prayer.

Carol Stone, the sweet wife of Mike Stone, longtime friend and colleague of Sara Simmons as well as Hap, was helicoptered to hospital with an ultimate diagnosis of severe bleeding on the left side of her brain.   She remains hospitalized, but seems to be making some progress.

Please pray for peace of mind and trust in God for Mike, guidance for the medical team treating Carol and strength for Carol as well as faith and trust.  No one can ever understand the why of these things here on earth.  Sara who passed this request on asks that you pray in both faith and hope.

Muriel Pappin broke her hip in a fall and had surgery on 21 November 2012. Muriel was home, but has had complications and is back in the hospital.  Please pray for a recovery and return home to finish her recovery. 

Rachel has Mitochondrial Myopathy.  This is a hereditary disease of the muscles and they do not have a cure for it. Part of her pain is her family does not believe she is indeed ill, as she appears to be just fine. Please pray her family will learn the truth and be supportive of her; pray also the medical people treating her will find the right measures to minimize the disease.  Most particularly pray for Rachel’s trust in God.

Donald went into ICU the night of 22 December 2012, for unknown reasons.

Mrs. Tucker has had recent surgery as a result of bleeding on the brain. Please pray for trust in God and a full and rapid recovery.

Jesse a 27 year old man from Nebraska has had emergency brain surgery for bleeding in the brain.  Please pray for trust in God and a full and rapid recovery.

Zoie a little 10 year old girl is having problems with one of her kidneys. Please pray that she will be comfortable soon.

Nicolas is in the hospital with serious symptoms of a heart disorder. Please pray for peace of mind for him and guidance for the medical team looking for the cause and cure.

Mrs. Baek an elderly women fell and injured her spine.  Doctors cannot repair the spinal injury due to her age. She fell again the morning of 12 December 2012, breaking her collar bone which is also untreatable. Mrs. Baek is in severe pain and will appreciate your prayers.

Gil Garcia is hospitalized with a slow healing skin injury at the Long Beach Veteran’s Spinal Cord Injury Center.  Please give thanks for Gil’s incredible attitude, as well that of his wife Mary and their family.  Pray for the rapid healing of the skin injury so Gil can go home soon.

Juanita is a young girl who was in a coma because of a blood disease.  She has not come out and is gaining strength. They are awaiting results from blood samples.  Her family thanks you for your prayers and asks that you continue.

Barbara had a accident while cooking and the pressure cooker blew up in her face, causing second and third degree burns over her face and upper body. Because of this she has incurred kidney problems and may need a transplant.

George had foot surgery.  Please give thanks for the surgery and pray for a full and rapid recovery.

Nellie is in the emergency room of a hospital in a great deal of pain.  Please pray for peace of mind for her and guidance for the medical team looking for the cause and cure.

Lauralee Meade underwent a lumpectomy on Friday after Thanksgiving.  A further anomaly has been discovered and she had additional preventative radiation treatment.  Please pray for a complete remission of the cancer.  Pray also Lauralee will maintain her great attitude and trust in God.

Kevin Gerhart discovered cancer on his neck.  He underwent radiation and chemotherapy.  Please pray for the medical team treating Kevin that they might pay attention, do their very best and find the source; that the treatment might be successful and he might live a long and healthy life to His honor and glory.  Pray also for trust in God and peace of mind for Kevin, his wife and family.

Bill, Sara’s husband, had a third abdominal surgery on 22 November 2011, to remove a tumor.  Bill is doing better keeping the doctor’s instructions, for which we are all grateful, including taking chemotherapy once a day for two more years.  He has radically decreased the consumption of alcohol and eating at least mostly properly.  Please pray for help for him to continue do all this.  Please pray also that Bill might turn his heart outward to help those around him, as well as live a long and healthy life to the honor and glory of God.  Pray also for peace of mind for Bill and his wife Sara.

Kay Denton (Mrs. Kay) hip has deteriorated to the point walking is a slow and painful process, but she manages.   Please pray for continued peace of mind for Mrs. Kay and her family.  Give thanks for her trust in the Lord and her positive attitude.

James L. Cavanah had surgery the afternoon of 10 February 2012, to remove two small but cancerous tumors.  James is a minister with the AOC in Savannah, Georgia.  Please pray for his recovery and remission from the cancer.  Give thanks for the surgery and pray for both him and his family to allow God to carry their worries while he recovers.

Steve Sundberg had a heart attack after Easter 2011.  After some time, the medical team treating him decided he was not a candidate for stents and a five-way heart by-pass was performed the week of 6 June 2011.  Please pray for his complete recovery and for his three children and family who are very worried about him, pray also for his trust in our Lord and for both him and his family to let God carry their worries while he recovers.

Matt Alcantara, age 15, has Osteosarcoma (bone cancer), a very rare and often lethal form of cancer with limited treatment options.  This is a disease that is about 90 percent fatal in a couple of years.  He has no hip joint on one side, but he walks and swims!  Courage?  Guts? You bet!  Matt and his mom just came back from Houston at the Cancer Center for what was hoped to be a routine every four month bone scan.  The scans were done on schedule, but a couple of new spots showed up.   After Matt’s San Diego doctors conferred with the Houston doctors to figure out what these spots mean, it turned out they are new and old injuries with no bad meaning.  In effect they are CLEAN SCANs.  Matt and his family ask you to give thanks for the super results.  Please also give thanks for the great faith of Matt and his entire family.  Their faith and trust is a wonderful example for each and every one of us.  But, now is not the time to stop praying.  Actually, it never is the time to stop praying!

Judith Clingwall, is afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  She is currently in Laurel Place, an extended care facility in Surrey, British Columbia.  Judith's condition has worsened recently.  She is no longer able to stand, in fact she has a lot of trouble sitting upright. Judith is depressed and wants to go home to watch her birds, which given everything seems unlikely at present.  Please pray for her to take an active part in her own life, for her strength, peace of mind, trust in God and remission of the disease so she might return home to her family.  Pray also for strength for her husband Martin as he deals with all the problems and stress of Judith’s situation.

Becky Madden is paralyzed from the neck down as the result of a tragic shooting accident.  Her husband is doing his best to take care of her; it is hard and he is learning the best he can.  Please pray for further recovery for Becky, as well as strength and guidance for her husband.

Vince (age 15), reoccurrence of Osteosarcoma, recent testing found a nickel sized tumor in his lungs.  The doctors are consulting with a specialist in Houston.  Please pray for guidance for the medical team and for peace of mind for Vince and his family.

Obra Gray continues to take day by day.  Please continue to keep Obra in your prayers, and give him the strength of knowing the Lord is with him and will never forsake him. Obra needs security of what lies ahead of him, and only the Lord can grant the solace to answer his prayer.

Sarah is concerned about the future with her company.  She would appreciate prayers for her continued employment and that her firm might find more and better ways to use her help.

Financial Guidance and Healing
David and Lorna are having financial problems.  They are trying to find a smaller home which may be more affordable.  Lorna has had an ongoing battle with brain cancer, her trips back and forth to the hospital have drained their finances to the point they sometimes struggle to have enough food in the house.  Pleaser pray for Lorna’s healing and guidance on how they might handle the financial difficulties in which they have found themselves.

Daniel and Danielle are experiencing family strife as a result of custodial issues with a daughter.  Please pray they and those they strive with might look to the child’s best interests in their time of difficulty and disagreement; to work for her best interests and not use her as a weapon amongst themselves.

Abigail is a teenager who has behavior problems.  She feels she is in an area of mental darkness.  Please pray that she might look to God for help and not within herself.

Sara asks that you pray for guidance for her as she deals with the stresses of her family and life.  Pray that she can separate those things which she can affect from those things which she cannot and give her grace to accept that she cannot do everything and can only change those things within her control.

Jacquie to open her heart to God and accept His Love and Grace.

Hap and Ryan both ask you to pray they might be able to trust God will help them make the right decisions at the right time and not to worry uselessly, to change those things they can change, accept those things they cannot change, sleep well to be able to do the correct things with a clear head and that they will open their hearts to the Holy Ghost.

Guidance for Ministers
Ken Howes has been invited to St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to preach.  There is a possibility of a call to that church, a 600-member church with weekly services in German and English.  His ability to speak German was what prompted their interest in Ken; he preached in both languages last Sunday.  Please pray for Ken, my family and St. Peter's.  Pray also for Ken to not worry about his brother Larry.

Rev LTC Al Ryan has been appointed Deacon-In-Charge of the mission parish of St. Augustine of Canterbury Anglican Church, Anglican Church in America (ACA) parish in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.  It is a small but growing mission, which has been plagued by clergy change.  Al, the diocesan pilot, has been appointed for one year, during which time he is to help them identify what their needs are for a vicar.  He has done this before and asks you to pray for God’s help one more time; not only for himself, but for the parish.

Armed Forces & Contractors

Airman Donny Patton (Kadena AB, Japan), Jordan (USMC – Fleet Marine Force - Pacific), Trevor (USAF - KC-10 Boom Operator), Trevor (USN – Whidbey Island, EF-18 Pilot), Kurt Thomas (USN – Guam)

Around the world, Christians are under attack, not only in the Muslim world, but from Hindus and others in India.  Also, they are under continual attack in the name of “Separation of Church and State” in the western world, as it becomes actively atheist or pro-devil buddy.  Please pray for God’s guidance and protection for all persecuted Christians and those around them.

Hap Arnold gives thanks for safe travel the past week.

Various Special Requests
We ask that you pray, please ask God that the Holy Ghost might give you insight into how you might make the lives of your friends and family better.  Remember helping others is not just those who you don’t know!

Please join us in praying that the Free Teen Guitar Class will be continue to be an opportunity for God to work in the lives of the kids and their families.  Please ask God to guide the class to new opportunities to make Him known to others.  Help us to let the love of our Lord shine through us into their lives, putting Him first, so that He might enter in to their hearts and lives.

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