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Sunday, May 12, 2024

12 May 2024 - Special Prayer Requests - Sunday after the Ascension

Rachael Richards is home!

Prayer List Notice  If you have someone on the prayer list and their needs have changed, please let us know.  Wed like to update our prayers to reflect the need and most important to give thanks!


Corona Virus

Alan Ridenours father was hospitalized on a ventilator with Covid.  After almost two months in the hospital, he has recovered to the point he has been released to home.  Please join the family in a prayer of thanksgiving and for a full recovery.



No known travel this week.



No known birthdays this week.



No known anniversaries this week.



No known departures this week.


Immediate Prayer Please

Tom was in the hospital for two weeks with Diverticulitis and IBS and recently transferred to a Rehab facility. Please pray he may regain weight and get back on his feet and be able to go home.


Dotty Valkenaar was hit in a parking lot after a memorial service in Reno on 30 March 2024, and has had surgery for a fractured tibia and crushed fibula.  She says it seems they pounded steel rod down from knee to ankle of her right leg.  She is home and physical therapy is coming in, but progress is not up to her expectations!  Dotty asks you pray for patience for her and her daughter Kathy who taking care of her full time.  


Sue, a longtime friend of Dotty is going for cancer surgery for her stomach and pancreas.  Dotty asks you pray for the doctors, nurses and technicians treating her and Dotty might pay attention, be open to God's guidance and do their very best to help her.


Roberto Aranda has been diagnosed with leukemia and is having much difficulty.  Please pray the doctors, nurses and technicians treating him might pay attention, be open to God's guidance and do their very best to help him. Please pray also Roberto and his daughter Bianca will be able to let God carry their worry and concern,


Lourie Deboermother has pulmonary fibrosis and is the hospital because she cannot keep her oxygen levels at a sufficient level at home.  This is her second time this year.  This is deadly serious.  Please pray the doctors, nurses and technicians treating her might pay attention, be open to God's guidance and do their very best to help her. Please pray also Lourie, her son Jakob and her mom might be able to put all their worry and sadness on God's shoulders so they can do their very best to facilitate what we consider a good outcome. Pray Lourie will compartmentalize this stress and keep it out of the cockpit and other places where she needs to pay attention. Jakob, too for that matter. May they all keep your trust in our Lord and things go well.


Jennifer Hendrickson and her father, Bobby Enfinger, were both diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for peace of mind and soul for them both, and for the medical team treating them that they might pay attention, do their very best and be open to Gods guidance.  Pray also for what we desire as a good result.


Jim Kniffens bacterial sinus infections have cleared up however, he is experiencing difficult side effects form the serious antibiotics he took. Furthermore, He is now experiencing extreme fatigue, which is doctor suspects is long-Covid problems from two years ago. Fatigue has been ongoing but increased recently. He continues to rely upon the Lord for his Strength.


Rachael Richards and her daughter, Lydia, were in a very bad car accident on 28 March 2024. They are the wife and daughter of Rev Joshua RichardsRachael was in intensive care in one hospital and Lydia was treated and released at another hospital.  Please pray for peace of mind and soul for the Richards, and for the medical team treating them that they might pay attention, do their very best and be open to Gods guidance.  Pray also for what we desire as a good result.


Rachael is home now, she has come a long way with the journey ahead still a very hard road to travel.  Updates here:


Candelaria (Candy) has problems with her legs.  Her daughter Silvia and her granddaughter Luhana would appreciate you joining them in prayer for the problems to be resolved.


Tricia Marie underwent abdominal surgery on 28 June 2023; she gives thanks it was apparently successful and asks you to pray with here for a full and rapid recovery, for peace of mind for her and her family.  She gives thanks for an apparently successful coil surgery to seal off an aneurysm at the base of her skull on 12 January 2023.  She has seemingly recovered from the stroke of December 2021.  She still headaches which had been bothering her for months since she got the Moderna vaccine.  She has had almost no real sleep or rest for months.   She has gotten some relief from the headache from a Botox injection series, may that continue.  Please give thanks for the successful surgery and pray for relief from the headache, nausea and pain and rest for her, for guidance for the doctors, nurses and technicians treating her and a full and rapid recovery, for peace of mind for her and her family.


Bryan Dabney, AOC Minister, had quadruple bypass surgery on 6 July 2023.  He is home and seems to be doing well.  He is continuing to strengthen, he completed Phase 2 cardiac rehab last and begins Phase 3 now.  Phase 3 will be more a maintenance  program he will do for the next few months.  Please give thanks for the successful surgery and pray for a full and complete recovery. Continue to comfort Brian, his wife Lisa, and son Thomas as they deal with his recovery.


Josh Morley, son of Bishop Charles Morley, has had another grand mal seizure and is back in the hospital.  Joshua and Bishop Morley are distraught, as they cannot determine the cause for his seizure.  They are hoping to change doctors and find a cause and cure for Joshua.  Bishop Morley says Joshua is healthy in every way but for having these seizures.


Shamu is totally exhausted, but in relatively good spirits.  Shamu has a terrible headache, is in a lot of pain; feels like she has been stabbed, totally exhausted and weak, but her faith is incredibly strong.  They have found a mass in her upper abdomen which must be investigated.  She asks you pray for guidance for the medical people helping her.  Her 39th surgery is coming up on 18 April 2024.  After 38 surgeries, she is quite very weak, but strong in her trust in our Lord as she goes through this difficult time.  She needs your prayer.  Please.


Tommy Cook is beset by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Congestive Heart failure.  It seems there is little that can be done except fight a delaying action against the aggressive pair.  At present it seems like the only avenue open is a heart lung transplant and little chance of that. He asks you pray for guidance for the doctors, nurses and technicians treating him and the miracle of a full and rapid recovery, for peace of mind for him and his family.  He is a very strong Christian and has no concern for himself, but for his wife, children and mother.  


In need of a miracle or understanding of Gods Plan


Lee, late 60s, has attended church all of his life, but has fallen afar from Jesus. He is in a nursing home with late stages ALS.  Bishop Dennis is meeting with him weekly to help him back.  Lee has run out of the ability to bear pain and would like to leave.  Please pray Dennis will be able to help him home, not somewhere else.


Homebound or Infirm

Steve, 38, has not been able to work for the last year due to problems related to multiple orthopedic surgeries resulting in severe nerve problems and Thoracic outlet syndrome. On top of this he switched health insurance and the wrong health insurance was billed resulting in $100,000.00 of billing mistakes that he is attempting to help fix with the medical companies. His caretakers are wearing thin, due to his consistent problem with pain and inability to cope with it or find a way to make it go away. So please pray for relief for Steve for pain and a solution to end the pain; Also pray strength and perseverance and peace for his caretakers (his mother and girlfriend). 


Testing and Treatment

Melissa Morgan, a young woman in her thirties just found out she has ovarian cancerPray with Melissa, her family and friends the physicians treating her will be guided in their assessment and treatment plan, for a full and speedy recovery to good health and for continued trust in the Lord for Melissa, her family and friends in this worrisome time. 




Sandra Zimmerman was diagnosed with triple positive Stage 2 breast cancer. She had a mammogram done last year at 40 years old and it was clear. This July they found two suspicious lumps, there was follow up with another mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy, bloodwork, MRI, more bloodwork, and PET scan.   Sandras most pressing concern is how she will take care of her baby Sophie as she goes through chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation along with a cocktail of pills. Its going to be a year long journey, she asks your prayer to stay strong and fight this battle! 


Madisun Hanks (22) has Tourettes Syndrome and suffers from horrible migraine headaches.  There are various very high risk treatments which provide some relief.  None of them are close and none are easy.  Madisun is truly one of the most inspiring young ladies we have ever come across, her attitude and actions are almost unbelievable.  No one should have to go through what she does, but she makes it through and performs incredibly when others just get by.  Please pray for Madisun, her mom Hilda who guides her through all this and those treating her.


Hilda Hanks has developed diabetes, which resulted in the need for eye surgery and has difficulty with the added stress in her life.  Pray for the doctors, nurses and technicians treating her to pay attention, to be open to Gods guidance and do their very best.  Pray for trust in our Lord and peace of mind for Hilda and Madisun.


Healing and Patience

Angie Colgrove has various problems and challenges, physical, mental, and spiritual.  She asks you pray for guidance for her and those treating her, as well as for her family.


Thanksgiving and Continued Healing

Dave Carroll, husband of Cinder, the AOC Office Manager, had what seems to be a very successful second knee replacement the morning of Tuesday, 21 November 2023.  Please give thanks for the good result and pray for a full and rapid recovery.


Don Fultz fell in response to a house on fire across the street and broke his hip. He is had surgery and spent time in the Cardiac Care Unit in response to a heart arrythmia apparently due to the anesthesia.  That was resolved and Don returned home to complete his recovery and is doing well. He and his family thank you for your prayers.  Please continue praying for a complete recovery.


Barbara (Paulette Ratcliffs) sister, has battled stomach cancer through removal of tumor and chemotherapy but the tumor returned at 7 centimeters.  She had apparently successful surgery on Friday 24 June 2022.  Please give thanks for the successful surgery and for a full and rapid recovery and for full remission of the cancer.  Pray also for peace of mind for Barbara, her children, her sisters and brothers.


Financial Guidance and Employment

Doug recently became unemployed from his job of 18 years. He has been applying for jobs, but unable to get one at this time.  His wife is working; this is not enough for the family. Please pray he will find employment with a firm that will be able to use his considerable skill and hard work to benefit both the firm and the family.


Financial Guidance and Healing

Clark is in need of salvation; for Gods Will to be done in his life. Pray his family will be blessed with the financial miracles that come from doing His Will.



Luke is having difficulties at age 19 finding his way forward in alignment with the Christian values of his family and of civilization in general.  He cannot see the utility of a life in conformance with those values and is looking to find a non-existent short cut to an easy life that does not exist.  Please pray he will find his way back to God and see his family wants to help him.


Jess is having difficulties in her personal life and is looking for permanent solutions; she is having problems seeing precisely what she direction she should take and how.  Please pray she will open her heart to Gods guidance in the form of the Holy Ghost.


Zachary is seems to be on his way away from the darkside; please pray he will continue towards our Lord and good citizenship.


Jacquie to open her heart to God and accept His Love and Grace.


School Challenges

            Destiny, Blake and Janet


Anglican Orthodox Church

Solomon Islands

Please pray for Bishop Zephaniah, the AOC and all the peoples of the Solomon Islands who are experiencing civil unrest as a result of the government switching their alliance from Taiwan to Communist China.


Diocese of Central and South America

Rev Miguel Madera was received into the Anglican Orthodox Church on 13 August 2018, with the AOC mission of San Augustin de Canterbury, La Plata, Argentina.



Please pray for the Lord's will regarding the establishment of an AOC church in Indonesia.


Jimmy is a missionary in the Congo. There has been violent unrest in this country and also a water shortage. Please pray people will find water to drink and Jimmy will be a means of helping others to find the Lord.


We are generally doing good, except that all boundary checkpoint out were tightened again due to the DELTA VARIANT entered the city. On the other side, our members in Tulodan are now experiencing famine due to the effect of the recent continues heavy rains during the month of July to early August which completely destroyed their vegetable plantation.

Bishop Anthony Pangsiw

Diocese of the Epiphany

Saint Pauls Moberly, Missouri would like your prayers the Holy Ghost might enter more fully into their hearts so they might be more effective in spreading the Word of God.


Diocese of Virginia

Saint Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Orthodox Church is under a lot of stress.  We all are, but they need even more prayer.  Rev Roger Jessup, their wonderful minister, had to retire as he was so pressed by the duties of a primary care giver, in addition to all the worries of this world.  Pray for trust in God for each member of the parish and for them to find economic relief.



I am writing to request your prayers for Colombia, my country. At this moment frightful things are happening, a great diabolical shadow is cast over this nation.


1. The Constitutional Court in a tyrannical way has decriminalized the crime of abortion in Colombia, even up to six months. This is an illegitimate process, the court is legislating, something that is not within the competence of the judges, on the other hand the issue of abortion was a cause judged in 2006, which is why it should not be judged again in 2022. But socialist groups, international elites, social engineers and feminist groups have not given up on the issue. They want to traffic in death.


2. The candidate of the extreme left Gustavo Petro is close to become the president of Colombia, this is a man who in his youth was a guerrilla criminal, a vile and despicable man who has always served the interests of drug trafficking, he was an advisor to Chavez who implanted Communism in Venezuela, his second home is Communist Cuba. 


3. The same court approved the movement of Gustavo Petro called: la Colombia Humana, it gave him the status of a political party, with this, he has the possibility of getting to introduce at least 15 congressmen, basically he is close to kidnapping all the powers, he already has the judicial power in his pocket, he only lacks the executive and the legislative. We are close to the precipice, we trust in a miracle of God. 


We hope you support us with your prayers, I will ask the brothers to pray unceasingly so that in his mercy we will be saved from these perverse men. God bless you and keep you in all things.


Your servant in Christ, Bishop José Antonio Rios


Armed Forces & Contractors

Dustin (USAF - Stateside), SGT Donny Patton (USAF - Hulbert Field, Florida), Jordan Brown (USMC Recruiter - Iowa City, Iowa), Trevor Di Marco (USN - Whidbey Island, EF-18 Pilot), Kurt Thomas (USN  Headquarters, Virginia), Ethan (US Army Airborne  Southwest Asia), Lourie DeBoer (NTPS Patuxent River, Maryland) Nyah Thomas (USAF-Keesler AFB, Louisiana)


For Our Country

Our country has lost its way.  Over half the people that vote, voted for a government that promises them things it cannot deliver in return for their souls which it can, will and does take.  Our foreign policy backs the rise of Islam, we turn our backs on those who would follow God and arm those who murder them.  Pray God will raise up a leader from among the people who can turn the countrys course 180° and attempt to come back to God.  Pray the people will recognize that they are headed down a smooth wide road into the pit, a road that will get smoother and smoother, steeper and steeper until the only possible way is down.  Down, into the depths of the pit.  Pray people will recognize there is:


·               One True and Triune God who is goodness in and of Himself;

·               All religions are not equal;

·               All ways of life are not equal;

·               The Bible holds the Key to Life;

·               All rights come from God, not the State;

·               Good;

·               Bad;

·               Evil;

·               Right;

·               Wrong;

·               Allah is the Devil;

·               Abortion is no more than sacrifice of children to Baal.


Pray this recognition will not come too late.  Pray we will, each of us, do our duty to God, Country and Family, putting His Honor above all.



Around the world, Christians are under attack, not only in the Muslim world, but from Hindus and others in India.  Also, they are under continual attack in the name of Separation of Church and State in the western world, as it becomes actively atheist or pro-devil buddy.  Please pray for Gods guidance and protection for all persecuted Christians and those around them.



 David Lane had an operation in January 2023 on his kidney. They went in thinking it was cancer and found it was not!  Well he just came from one of his follow up appointments. He had a CT scan done and went immediately to his doctor. The doctor said everything looked great!  He said he really should turn him loose, but wanted to see him one more time in a year. Just to be sure.   David asks you to join him and his family in a prayer of thanksgiving!